Palomar Labs – Case Study            

yay-9361864-digitalWe had a client, Citadel Roof, come to us looking for a way to augment their existing roofing shingles to be more durable so that they could extend the warranty on their roofs to provide a clear advantage over competing roofing companies. They were looking to extend the life of the shingles by at least five years.

The Problem

            Shingles on roofs are subject to all types of elements from the hot sun to freezing ice to extreme winds. All these effects affect the shingles in different ways causing them to tear or crack over time eventually causing them to become ineffective in keeping the water out of your house. The biggest issues are material breakdown from UV radiation and water getting into the crevasses and freezing causing shingle to break and tear.

The Procedure

            First to get a baseline result from existing materials we tested the client’s shingles as well as five of their leading competitors. We subjected the shingles to extreme heat, ice, UV radiation, and winds over a period of 2 weeks to simulate years of damage from the elements. After 2 weeks we assessed the damage to the shingles looking for breaking and tearing.

After getting a baseline understanding of what the shingles were capable of we augmented our client’s shingle using a variety of methods from adding a polymer substrate to the bottom of the shingles to using UV resistant coatings on the shingles. We then retested all these specially treated shingles to look for improvements. The augmentation regimens that showed the most improvements were presented to the client along with their associated costs.

The Results

            After our initial testing, our client’s shingles showed significant damage after being subjected to our extreme elements and four of the competitors’ shingles showed similar damage. One competitor’s shingles performed significantly worse showing complete deterioration of the shingle to the point of it being useless.

Treatment of the shingles with a polymer substrate allowed the shingle to resist tear and it was obvious that the shingle resisted damage from the wind significantly better. The UV resistant coating presented a shingle with less micro structure damage but it still suffered ice damage and wind damage. The treatment of UV coating along with sealant showed the best result, showing 46% less damage than the untreated shingle. Extrapolating from our results we estimated that treating the shingles with UV coating and sealant could extend the life of the shingle by approximately 8 years and at a minimal cost to the client.

Our Recommendation

            From the results of our tests we recommended to our client to augment their shingles by applying the UV coating with sealant. This only added a cost of 3 cents per shingle to the client if they mass applied the procedure. The client chose to go the extra mile and chose to add the polymer substrate also adding a cost of 13 cents per shingle. They wanted to have the highest quality roofs in the region and we helped them make that vision come true.

Palomar Labs – Services            

yay-2763421-digitalAt Palomar Labs we provide a variety of services to our clients to help them solve problems related to materials they use. Our goal is to provide the data and knowledge our clients need so that they can make informed decisions that will affect their business.

Materials Testing

            This is by far our most popular service as many industries come to us to test their materials for certain properties that they are interested in. Our advanced facilities can conduct tests for chemical and physical properties. We can also conduct stress tests to simulate conditions where the material will be used to test for appropriateness of use or durability under those conditions. We have suites of industry standard tests so that you can test if your material will comply with your industry standards or we can design a custom series of tests to specifically test for certain criteria that the client requires.

Our test procedures are extremely stringent and precise and we always verify our results through multiple cycles of testing to ensure the reliability of our results. We want our clients to be secure in knowing that any results they receive from us will be completely accurate and reflect the capabilities of their materials. No matter if you’re looking to test the viability of a new material, test a product to see if it meets your standards, or checking to see if your material is compliant with industry standards, you can trust Palomar Labs to provide you with the information you need.

Material Design

            Sometimes clients come to us with a problem that no material on the market meets requirements for their product or the existing materials are proving to be unsatisfactory for their purposes. At Palomar Labs, we can help you augment existing materials to add properties that you desire to them or we can help you design and engineer a completely new material that will push you far ahead of your competitors.

Our material augmentation process is the faster and more cost efficient method of producing a material that will meet your requirements. In this process we look for materials that most closely match your requirements and augment their properties by combining them with other materials or enhance their properties through chemical processes. This augmentation method’s main drawback is that there are limits to how much you can augment existing materials.

Designing a completely new material is a long and expensive process that very few of our clients really use. The results, however, can be astounding and groundbreaking. By designing a completely new material, we have the ability to surpass all existing industry standards and produce a material that will provide a serious competitive advantage. The few times that we have conducted this process for our clients have resulted in them creating products far superior to their competitors and they have attained a dominant market position because of that. The biggest issue to taking this route is the material design process can take years and millions of dollars in investments and this is a major roadblock for many clients.

Palomar Labs – Overview            

Palomar Labs is a research and testing facility that specializes in developing and testing new materials for commercial, personal, and industrial use. Our state of the art facilities house equipment to test for the strength, resilience, flexibility, and efficiency of materials. Our diverse and experienced team of engineers can help formulate materials that meet your specifications or test your materials to determine if they meet a certain standard. Palomar Labs can work with clients to evolve their material design to provide a competitive advantage in a fast paced business world.

What is Materials Science?

            Material Science is an interdisciplinary science combining the chemistry, physics, and engineering of matter to study the properties of materials, how to manufacture materials, and how to produce new useful materials. At Palomar Labs we focus mainly on studying the properties of materials to help clients find a material that meets their requirements and specifications.

Our Service Area

Palomar Labs facilities are located throughout the state of Kentucky and we generally provide service to companies and clients within the state and from surrounding states. We also sometimes have clients from further away, but we like to foster close relationships with our clients so we tend to work with mostly nearby clients. Our main office is located in the city of Louisville.

How Can We Help You?

            We solve problems related to materials. That means materials you need in your manufacturing process, materials in your equipment, or materials in your products. In the fast paced world of business, every single advantage you can leverage provides you with a competitive edge over your rivals and with our advanced knowledge of materials we can help you gain that edge. We can help you find cost efficient materials with the same properties for your manufacturing process, thus lowering your productions costs. We have also helped clients find more durable materials for their products so that their products last longer and are more reliable providing higher satisfaction for their customers. We have also helped conduct tests on new products for clients to see if their new products meet their specifications for use. In some cases, we have even designed new materials that could meet very specific requirements for clients.

As you can see, we have a lot of experience and expertise in solving problems related to the materials you use so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have issues related to your materials. It is more than likely that we can help you solve that problem and come up with a solution that is both satisfactory and cost efficient.


            Our testing facilities are fully accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our equipment is regularly inspected to ensure accuracy and precision so that our test results are always reliable and fully reflect the capabilities of your materials. Our team of engineers all have advanced degrees from accredited universities and colleges and are all members in good standing in their professional organizations.